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Mary Lavoi, Voodoo Queen

Mary Lavoi, the Voodoo Queen Inside French Quarter Catholicism and the St. Louis Cathedral are votive candles.  As well as a woman.  A full black woman, proud of her pedigree.  White muslin dress.  Shiny brass bangles.  Red ribbon tied tightly … Continue reading

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Maya Calle — From Sea to Shining Sea

I bicycled across the Yucatan peninsula! Coast to coast, can we all please join together on a chorus of “We are the Champions”?

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Maya Calle — Sunsets, Skeletons, and Hippy Hoppy Hats!

Fotos de Merida.

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Maya Calle — Merida!

Rode 120km today. A short story called “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” tells of a man, Walter Mitty, who is the hero of his daydreams.  In his dreams, he saves lives, barrels into dangerous situations without the least bit … Continue reading

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Maya Calle – Windows to the Past

There are few actions as satisfactory as singing in the rain.  Old songs proved the right medicine for rain riding, and it was with Bob Dylan´s Tangled Up in Blue on my lips and some ad hoc poetry of my … Continue reading

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Maya Calle — 110 kilometers, Coba, y Valladolid

I rode 110 kilometers today, climbed the stairs of a Mayan temple, and am now sightseeing in Valladolid — the breakfast doughnut is long gone.

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Maya Calle – The Agony of Sloth, a Chronometer, and Postcards

Many thanks to you all for visiting my site!  WordPress´ statistical page showed that I had 89 unique visitors on the 9th of July  — I am glad that people find this interesting.  🙂  In return for all the interest, … Continue reading

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